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Security Officers and Communication

Communication is key in every job and is actually a major role in the way of life. The concept of being able to talk to anyone, anywhere and at anytime is something that we as people naturally do. There is actually different ways a person can communicate which is verbally, body language and appearance. So, how does a security officer fit into communication while on the post?

Communication is when two or more people exchange information. There is a sender, receiver and then an understanding what what was exchanged. But, there is things which interfere that understanding, and when this happens the information is not received fully or properly. This is when ensuring that each party is in a clear and non-distracting area, or ask the person to go into a quiet and isolated area, then continue the conversation. Remember, if you can not hear the person properly there will be issues!

Security officers much also be knowledgeable about non-verbal communication, not all communication is done with words and you don't always have to worry about hearing a person, their body language and appearance can speak for themselves. Officers need to be awake of their surroundings and this includes watching people and what body language a person uses can be a safety warning without the person even knowing. Watching a person and how they hold themselves shows many things including if they are uncomfortable, angry or sad. If security knows what to look for they can help a situation from becoming deadly or dangerous before it happens. They can also change the way they are speaking to a person, help a person from a conversation that the officer may not be involved in, or change the atmosphere of a place during a confrontation.

Security officer presence changes the atmosphere without the officer needing to speak. Their presence is the body language and appearance of communication, this is because they hold themselves with professionalism and assertiveness. Their presence should give people a sense of security but also let them know that the officer is there for assistance in any situation which arises. Not all security is guarding an area, security is also being helpful and assisting clients with hospitality work. Being friendly and kind to visitors is very important, with this comes understanding that your communication as an officer is a personality factor of your work.

A security officer must be genuine when they communicate with other people. Even when the client is not a nice person, your personality must be one of kindness! Security officers learn something called "Verbal Judo" this is de-escalation by use of words and not necessarily actions. Your words of communication when a person is angry or being aggressive can either help the situation or make it worse, knowing how to talk to someone can change everything! Calming and instructing in a tone of voice which the person can relax to is the key to de-escalation. Security officers must know that their tone and words move people to act a certain way, here at Professional Security, we teach this with EVERY class.

Professional Security Institute ensures that our students get the education for communication in an in-depth course. Communication is not just how to talk to people, but how body language and presence can tell someone so many things. Your life and others must be watched over and this a form of communication! When something does happen or a person is aggressive, you will not only hear it but see the action start to take place if you know what to watch out for. Come to our class to become knowledgeable so you know when your life may be in danger!

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