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Security Officer Conduct

The conduct of a #security officer is one of the most important aspects of their job. The way an officer acts and asserts themselves can not only have an effect on the way people perceive them but also how they perceive the company that the officer works for. So, what exactly goes into their conduct?

An #officers #conduct is a many things; their behavior, their code of ethics, their appearance, and their discipline. Their behavior is how the security officer acts around others, their communication and professionalism. An officer may be looked upon as a professional when their actions and communication is dignified, where as, if they are using curse words and acting inappropriate they will not be taken seriously. Your behavior reflects on you as an individual and your employer will hear about how you conduct yourself on the job. Look and act professional and you will be taken as such.

A code of ethics is a standard at which the company and client sets for their employees. The code of ethics is things such as: appearance, being on time, language, and the expectation while on the clients property. Keeping these set codes is extremely important, it ensures that each employee is in uniform, making sure that everyone keeps the same standard, and no one is look upon differently!

Appearance is a part of this code of ethics expectation. Each employee should know exactly how that company wants you to look while on duty. Clean and tidy uniforms, hair and nails groomed, and may or may not be able to have jewelry. Each company is different but what is not is that the employee must follow those guidelines requested by that company. If an employee does not follow that code of ethic, the company and officer looks horrible to the clients, the clients may think that the company is sloppy and does not care about that appearance to the outside world. This is not taken well, trust me!

An officer's discipline is not exactly as you may think. Discipline of an officer is actually that they are fair, patient, and can work with others well. As a security officer you will deal with hundreds of different people, no one will ever be the same, and there are so many different cultures in this world that an officer must be accepting of everyone. The officer should be mindful that people may not speak, act or understand things, it is important to be patient with these individuals they may need more time to understand what is being requested. An officer must treat everyone with respect and be universally mindful to these things. Officers also must do this within the workplace as well, do not just be disciplined when your boss is in the room, but do so at all times with everyone. Discipline also covers when the boss is not there! Be kind, be respectful and be fair always!

At Professional Security, we make sure to go into these expectations and what officers conducts should be before our students graduate! When you graduate you will be able to go into a job with a great perspective on your roll in a future company.

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