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Security Officers and Physical Security

Physical security is vital to any type of property, whether it be a business, residential or simply a construction site building one of these. Physical security refers to barriers such as a fence or walls put in place, locks and keys, windows, lighting, and even CCTV systems. But, how does this play a role with a security guard?

When a business opens their first, and most important, concept is to ensure that their items/contents are safe and secure. The company will place physical security components around their building and inside. Having a business inside a complex can greatly change what security measures to take compared to having an independent location. The security guard hired for these locations will have to change their ideas of how to conduct their patrols and what to watch for as well.

Depending on the location of their business the components may change for what physical security to put in place for the businesses protection. If it is an independent location, meaning not in a shopping center or plaza, they may have a fence put in place or a bar system. Where as, if the business is inside a shopping center or attached to a plaza, the owner of the property may have their own barriers in place already. The security guard will have to pay attention to locking systems with fencing to ensure that they are secure when to intended to be open. They also need to know how many openings are available for vehicles, and deliveries. The guard must watch that no locks or systems have been tampered with through-out their shifts, this includes fences, doors and windows as well.

If the location is inside a shopping center or plaza, the security officer may not have a fence as a physical security component, but many more doors due to the business sharing that space with other companies. The other companies may rely on that security guard to watch over their property as well, so there may be more responsibility and more checks to complete within that guards shift. The businesses will have the security guard check their doors to each business, gates if drop downs are available for each business, windows and main entry ways into the complex. If the business is in a plaza, the same idea for checks, but the checks will be done outside for each business. The guard will patrol the units as a group, while watching for trespassing individuals around the perimeter at the same time.

CCTV cameras are very common physical security component today for businesses. These can be placed in random locations within and outside the business. Many businesses have security officers watching these cameras while the business is open and closed, this is to ensure that the guard can watch many areas at one time and not have any issues knowing what is happening and where. This also helps for evidence if something does happen, allowing the owns to show law enforcement what happen at a later date or in court proceedings.

Residential properties where there is a community hires security officers to man gatehouses, patrol the development and monitor club houses for each home owners safety. The guards will be placed to watch over the area by checking guest lists, deliveries, and keeping uninvited people off the property, cutting the crime rate and helping maintain a level of security for the home owners. There maybe cameras around the community and there may not, each community is different but the promise of security stays the same.

The promise of security is why these businesses or communities hire security companies and have the guards there. The promise that the guard will do everything they can, in a professional and knowledgeable way, to keep that property safe and crime free. Here at Professional Security we teach our students how to use physical security to their advantage to keep their companies clients safe from intruders or potential threats.

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