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Security Officers and Access Control

The role of a security officer is more than just monitoring a business or a company, there is many aspects of the work that people do not see which is done behind the scenes, or even up close in plain view which people do not realize is happening. One is these is access control, and there is many different types which happen every day.

Access control is when an officer confirms that a person is allowed entry or exiting of a place. The access can be on foot, driven or even flown in and out of an area. When a tower states that a plane can land or take off that is a form of access control! But, as a security officer, their role is monitoring and checking a person right to gain that access during a period of time or to state that they are not permitted and why.

The control in the form of security can be gate access, business entry, delivery control, employee monitoring access, and many other forms. Going into the courthouse is a great example, when you enter a courthouse, guards are stationed there to control access. These guards have many jobs, whether it to be ensuring that you empty your pockets or screening after you beeped through the metal detector, they are doing access control.

Gate access control is one of the most common in the state of Florida for a security officer. Security is in high demand in housing communities and condos, as an officer there, you will be in charge of making sure deliveries and visitors have passes and allowed access when they arrive. The guard will be given a guest access sheet which has a list of permitted visitors and deliveries for that day. Some guest will be given short term to long term passes, while others will only be given day passes.

Are you ready and knowledgeable about what to do when a guest is not on that pass list? What would you do if they became hostel toward you and demanded access? Here at Professional Security we will teach you the proper procedures and ways to de-esculate the situation, where you and the visitor, can come to an agreement and everyone is happy at the end.

We also make sure our students understand computer monitoring access control, pass keys, employee portal access and other technological access controls. This is to ensure no matter what line of security you employee with, you have the knowledge and the skills to preform your job to the highest degree.

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