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What is a security officer?

What is a security officer? Is it just walking around a mall catching people stealing from stores, or is it following a celebrity around as the go about their day? Well, there is so much more to the title then what everyone thinks security officers are about!

Security in its self is the protection of assets and people. A security officer is the person placed in the role of protection. The officers key role is to observe and report what is going on while they are on the job, whether that is maintaining an area, business or a person, that is what they are there to do. The role takes awareness, knowing your surroundings, and planning ahead for an emergency. Security officers must always be prepared for the unexpected and is not that easy of a job that many people think, its not just one thing, its multiple all at one time!

Yes, security officers are a theft deterrent in many cases, you see them walking around the mall or shopping areas, but what about the other job opportunities available to a security officer? There are two forms of security business: proprietary and contract. Proprietary is what many think of: loss prevention or business security, but contract security is so much more than that. The opportunities which come with this form of employment can be endless. Contract security means you are under a contract with a client to ensure that whatever they need done is done safely and securely till that contact is over. Whether it be keeping a person safe such as executive security, or transporting important materials and goods, this is actually the most common for employment. Did you know that even the government has there own security officers which work inside government buildings? They do, and these officers are every day people like you and I, which are hired to secure buildings like the court houses and business offices like the IRS and Social Security.

The security officer has a role to keep no matter what that job is, they are there with guidelines, procedures and post orders to follow. Each of the different types of jobs has these and must be held to the highest of standards. Security is there for a reason, whether it is loss protection or executive security, each role is the same, maintain safety and security for that client. As a student with us we will go more in depth on the job opportunities for you as a security officer and what each job role requires. We will also explain how these options have different procedures and client expectations that will help you get an idea of what security you would like to get into as a career.

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