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Security Officer and Emergency Procedures

Florida has beautiful weather but for 3 months out of the year there is hurricane season. As a security #guard you will be responsible for people, property and the safety of yourself during this time. Do you know what to prepare for and how to handle these emergency situations?

Natural disasters happen everywhere, some states have tornadoes, others have earthquakes, here its flooding, tropical storms and hurricanes. The best thing a security officer can do is be prepared and know exactly what their post orders state during this event. Here at Professional Security Institute we will not only teach our students how to understand a national emergency, but how to prepare for them, so that they and everyone involved is safe and secure.

Security guards will be posted, with other people or alone, watching another persons property and expected to safe guard it during a natural disaster. The purpose is that security will be there to keep the area/building safe from trespassers, vandalizing, and theft. There may or may not be power, water, or a phone available during this time! Do you know what you need to prepare for a long term power outage or flood event? During an extremely stressful time, this is something that can and might just happen to you as a security guard.

Security is about safety in every aspect of the word, maintaining a safe and secure post, and hurricane season is no different. As a student with us, we will teach you how to build an emergency post kit, which you can keep in your car or work. We will teach you how to map weather charts, for helping keep an eye on the hurricane and its movement. We will also teach you how to make an emergency evacuation plan from work and from your home. Not only do security officers have to be concerned with their work life, but we also know that you have a family to worry about. We understand that this vital information can help you at home as well, we will get you not only a check list for work, but also for home!

Be safe, be knowledgeable, and be prepared! Enroll as a student with us for your required #security #training and graduate as prepared disaster survivor!

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