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Call to reserve your class date!
You still MUST purchase your course to register, confirm and RESERVE your seat! Once the class is purchased you will receive a confirmation email, stating that you are registered for the course with instructions and information about your class. Class is given EVERY week, Thursday through Sunday, 7am to 5:30pm, unless noted on our schedule below.


In the state of Florida, a Class D license enables you to be an unarmed security guard. This means that you are allowed to carry a taser, pepper spray and a baton while on post, but different companies have different policies which will decide what you can and cannot carry. Most security guards you will come across are Class D licensees. "Mall cops", security officers guarding events, and most daytime guards are Class D licensees.

In order to become a Class D security officer, you are required complete a 40 hour course. In the 40 hour course that we offer, we will teach you to be a top of the line security officer. Not only will we teach you everything that you are required to know, we will teach you more than you are required to know. All of our instructors have been in the security business for multiple years, and they will teach you everything you may need to know and answer all of your questions. $50.00 Reserve Seat Fee on Any Consolation within 7 Days  No refunds after 7 Days 

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