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A Class G license enables you to carry a firearm on post, but needs to be combined with another type of license. For example, it allows a security officer to become an armed security officer, or allows private investigators to carry weapons on-duty.


People who have a Class G license are usually paid better than those without a Class G license. This is because there is usually an increased risk in jobs that require an armed officer. 


In order to receive your Class G license, you must complete a 28-hour course. In our Class G license course, you will spend time in our in-house range. You will have the option of using your own firearm and ammo, or renting a firearm and purchasing our ammunition. 


For armed security officers, you have two choices of firearm. You can choose either a revolver or a semi-automatic. You must qualify on the range with your choice of weapon in order to be certified for that weapon. You may choose to qualify for both, however that would require taking a requalification exam. For example, you may choose to qualify with a revolver. If you pass the exam, you are allowed to carry a revolver on-duty, but not a semi-automatic. If you wish to carry a semi-automatic on-duty, you will have to take the qualification course again but use a semi-automatic instead. 


In order to receive a temporary G license from the Department of Agriculture, you must complete a psychological evaluation for $80. If you do not perform this test, then you must wait until you receive your license in the mail to perform Class G work.

Class G Course: $325, without gun rental or ammunition charges. 


  • Gun rental (per class): $50

  • Ammunition: $75

  • Psychological Test: $100.00

Class G Re-qualification: $150 without gun rental or ammunition charges.


  • Gun rental (per class): $50

  • Ammunition: $75


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