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Mr. Morgan has been in the Security business for over twenty years in South West Florida. Mr. Morgan continues to run a Security Agency and Private Investigations Agency in the SWFL area.

Jesse P. Morgan currently holds through the Department of Agriculture Division of Licensing the following licenses:
State of Florida Class B,DS,D,G,DI,C,K, and CWP.

Jesse P. Morgan has been the owner of Professional Security Institute for nearly a decade and has been an instructor at the school for just a little longer.

P.S.I. is Your Fort Myers Security Training Center



We are located beautiful Southwest Florida 208 4th Street Unit A, Fort Myers  33907. We provide a state of the art security training facility with professional security instructors. We will not promise you anything that we won’t be able to deliver on. If you do want to earn the certification and the knowledge that you will be able to defend yourself with, then this is the security training facility for you.


We are the only security training facility in Fort Myers with real life situational awareness found in police training facilities.  We know a lot of classroom time is required, so we offer a professional, clean, air conditioned, security training facility with vending machines and restrooms on site. We are also in short driving distance to many restaurants located in the heart of Fort Myers.

We pride ourselves in the commitment to each and every student who comes to our security training facility. P.S.I. of Fort Myers isn’t just some newly developed business proposition, thought up by a couple of overly worked Security Officers, who thought they could start their very own security training school in their garage. Professional Security Institute of Fort Myers has been in business in the South West Florida area for thirty years.


Professional Security Institute has trained and certified the most officers in this area. Most of the security agency owners, here in the Southwest Florida area, obtained their training here. That goes to show, you never know where you may end up. P.S.I. has a very high passing rate per student, but it does not just hand out your certification, you have to earn the certificate and fully understand your role as a certified Security Officer. P.S.I. offers assisted job placement and recruitment, as well as personal recognition and recommendations.

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